14 April 2010

A new adventure-Tot School

Yesterday I spent almost all day doing online research on a theory of "Tot school" which is essentially purposeful play for toddlers. I am so excited about this. I already do most of it, had most of the items we need to get started. I hope to put together lots of themes/kits for Caitlyn to pull out and play with me on rainy days or just because. I went around the house last night collecting things to sort, paint, store, push, pull, pound, pour, etc. I have a ton already but need a few things, so we are off to the store today. Our first theme is going to be shapes/colors with emphasis on fine motor skills. I am in search of lacing cards/beads etc today. Wish me luck. I hope this goes well. She is learning square this week! I made a little square shaped mask and she loves it. I also made a Shape Tracing book based off of another one I saw online and she seems to like it, need to get dry erase markers now though! Wish us luck on our new journey! If you have any suggestions of activities that you did with your little ones let me know please! She is a little over two now. Also if you have any things that you would like to get rid of we will gladly take them! I am off to find alphabet beads, lacing beads/strings, funnels, tongs and more! Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like fun! Hope you find what you're after.

  2. Hey Crystal...when I had a childcare facility and taught preschool to them...I made my own lace up cards. You have a cricut and I didn't...use basic shapes with sturdy cardstock and then punch holes...shoe laces work great! Until she gets the hang of it, tie one end of the lace to one hole and then let her go at it! You are such a great mommy!

  3. What a great idea!!! Good luck finding your goodies;)


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