11 April 2010

Does this need a title?

I have to say I love how this one turned out. I usually do not scrap me or the hubby but I am making an effort this year! These are from October, we are ALWAYS so busy during that month as fall is our favorite season. Hubby and I debated on a title, what do you think? If so what and where?

I used George and Basic Shapes for the circle but everything else is punches, premade or just strips.


  1. Well, I love it, are you surprised? I love everything you do. I really don't know about a title, I think it is fine without!
    Looks like fun!
    Kim xXx

  2. I think it look beautiful without it! Not everything needs a title...I think the pictures tell the entire story all by themself!

  3. I agree with Melissa and Kim that your LO is beautiful just the way it is!!

  4. A wonderful page Crystal ... I love the whole design and arrangement of shapes and colors. I'm really not sure what the theme should be ... but I think I would play on the colors a little ... maybe something like ... "THE MANY COLORS OF FALL" ... after all, Mother Nature paints the world in such beautiful colors in the autumn, why not join in the fun with a little painting of your own? *wink*

  5. Title= Just Face it!
    You have inspired me to print the oreo cookie pictures I took the other day! Thanks!

  6. love this layout! the colors are so great and i love the different patterns you used! hugs!


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