15 April 2010

Tot School day one

I allotted an hour to do Tot School today but well I feel like a truck hit me so we only did 35 minutes BUT she did 35 CONSECUTIVE minutes! Today we tried plastic tweezers to pick up various sized pom poms and place them into a cup. She is getting it. She sat with the utmost concentration for the whole time! I was SO impressed! We tried tongs but I do not think we are ready for that yet. I wish I had pictures but she is OBSESSED with the camera now and if you break it out to get pictures, she gets distracted AND wants to play with it. So I did not try. I am so excited she liked this "tray" aka activity. OK off to plan for tomorrow.


  1. Way to go Caitlyn! Sorry you aren't feeling good Crystal...hugs and feel better.


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