29 April 2010

Gorgeous only to a Mommy artwork

Today for Tot School we used a glue stick for the very first time. I also wanted to get her into tearing the construction paper but that was a no go! She sure does have HER way of doing things and on HER time. That is alright though, this is supposed to be FUN and learning along the way. I finally got everything organized out in the laundry room so we are good to go with doing different things. Some days we do not do it, but I always make sure we do SOMETHING educational even if it is only naming colors or doing counting. She is getting better and better with one to one counting by the way. Anyways here is Caitlyns masterpiece. I need more paper bags now! The tile is her Mawmaws Mothers Day gift, work of love that will be treasured I am sure.


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