18 March 2011

Everything starts and ends with Family (Counterfeit Layout 6/7)

Happy Friday evening y'all. I have been working on this two page layout for two days now and I still do not like it that well but it is done. The pictures are of my daughter and my Battle Buddy from Iraq, we call him Uncle Mac. This man came into our lives right before deployment in 2004/2005 and has been such a fantastic friend even with thousands of miles between our families. He is one of those friends that you can pick up where you left off, he adores Caitlyn, and is a rock. We consider him family. He came to visit before taking his next assignment in Germany and Caitlyn took right to him (they had not seen one another since she was barely walking) due to deployments, moving and us getting out of the Army (besides in pictures). In the envelope that Ang (THANK YOU!) sent me I will print off the thoughts he has that he emails me. There is TONS of stamping, coloring and inking on this one. Not too bad, half way through the month and 7 layouts done YAY!


  1. Hi Crystal.
    love the layout and it brought a smile to my face when I saw what you had done with the envelope.

  2. way to go getting so many layouts done!And I love the idea to put emailed thoughts into an envelope!

  3. Be proud of this layout - it is beautiful and the photos really capture the relationship. I enjoyed looking at it and getting to know you!


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