08 March 2011

DIY Woodgrain fabric/paper

Counterfeit Kit Challenge issued a tutorial on how to make the Studio Calico Wood grain fab rip. I tried something a little different. I am trying to learn Paint Shot Pro X2, well what it can do besides crop and adjust photos! I found an image online of two wood grains that I liked and entered them into my program. I adjusted lighting, saturation, hue and edges. These are what was produced. One is on plain Kraft paper and the other is on printable canvas paper that someone sent me a while back (Thanks Tara!). What do you think? I hope to cut some letters out of them to go with the fall layouts I am planning!


  1. Those are awesome! Love them!

  2. Crystal, these are great. The top one looks like real wood. My printer is such a piece of junk I would never be able to do this.

  3. That canvas will make great letters!

  4. Sounds like a great idea. You're very adventurous on your computer. Hope we get a chance to see your letters.

  5. Really wonderful! I need to learn from you, O Great One!

    Counterfeit Kit Challenge


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