02 October 2009

Who is up for a challenge?

I am reading this book "Memory Makers Budget Scrapbooking". It is about finding things in your house to put on pages (using archival spray of course!) I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a Treasure hunt with me. In the book it says to get one small baggie (sandwich or quart size) for each room of your house, label it with the room name, and find your treasures. I think this would be so much fun! How freeing would it be to use "junk" that has some sentimental value for you on your pages? And it is FREE! We all have to love that during these times!

So who is with me!? I am going to start in the kitchen now! I will post pictures of what I find later on today during nap time. If you want to play link me to your post with pictures since I love me some pictures! Then I challenge you to USE IT ON A PAGE OR CARD!!!! I may even dig up some small blog candy for those that participate. So let's start with THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!

So this is what I found doing a QUICK sweep (we have only been in this house for a month so not a lot of stuff accumulated yet!) I figured I would use the door hanger in Caitlyns room but take a picture to use as an embellishment with her coloring pages. The dove bag will be used to do a page about my addiction to chocolate. I can use the straw to blow paint and can cut it up for a cool texture. The measuring tape will be used in pieces on various layouts about Caitlyn growing up. The two tops of the fiber one poptarts and regular poptarts will be used in a layout about my husbands tastes vs. mine. Pretty nice for a quick sweep huh? What did you find?


  1. Oh, that sounds like fun! Have to see if I can find any scrapping goodies!

  2. I found crumbs in the kitchen!! LOL!!
    Not sure if I will be able to do this challenge, but it does sound fun!! I do not have any achival spray.. :(

  3. You have so much energy and imagination that you make me tired. I am a lot older than you, you know. Can't wait to see what you do with your finds. I probable won't do this as I have to work almost every day for the next week and get ready to go to florida next Saturday. Have fun.

  4. I will do this, this is cool!!! I have my best friend visiting from FL this weekend, but I hope to find time :]

  5. You're Amazing. I just don't know where you get these great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. Fantastic. I'm now following your great blog. come and see me at www.samwich365.com
    take good care, keri

  6. I think you are trying to kill me! LOL Just kidding! Glad you are trying to keep me motivated!

    For now I am going to have to pass. I have some Christmas swaps I am working on at present. ;)

    Maybe next round?


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