30 October 2009

Jon's Gruesome Cake

Jons office was having a gruesome, disgusting looking but yummy tasting potluck. He opted to take a dessert. This is made of Rice Krispie Treats, chocolate, fondant and red gel icing with EDIBLE eyeballs to boot! I forgot the inside of the brain is red velvet cake and his teeth are made of candy corn!


  1. So, this really is the most disgusting piece of food I've ever seen. Something about exposed brains--ugh! Your hubby has quite the knack for cake making--he could go into business!

  2. ewwwwwwwwww!!!! I don't think I want to bite into that!!! It sounds delicious, but looks horrid! =) OK, I'm just kidding (sort of) ... I think Jon did an outstanding job ... no doubt it will be the hit of the pot luck! =)

  3. Ummm Great Cake but I don't think I could actually eat it. LOL What a super, creative job you did, Jonathan. You could be the new "Cake Boss !"

  4. WOW! He did such a great job on this!!

  5. Great Job Jon. You are almost as talented as your sweet wife. Not sure I could eat it though, it is disgustingly cute.


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