02 October 2009

Some kitchen ideas to share (trash to treasure)

So while reading this book it has some good ideas that I wanted to share. Remember this book is from 2002-2003 so the style of scrapbooking is different but we can always update it to today!

Clear plastic spoons (or really any spoons) painted to look like footballs, used as page pebbles, mounted on cardstock with quotes to look like acrylic (clear ones)

Cheesecloth/Texture bags (fruit bags) for backing, bows, texture

Salt-use cardstock to journal or whatnot then; put adhesive on them and immediately add salt for FROST! Looks pretty cool

Rice: someone used UNCOOKED rice for a funky border about Chinese Food (she also used the chopsticks and mat!)

Food labels into hidden journal boxes. For instance you could take the front label of your favorite good and make it into a card with hidden journaling underneath

Aluminum foil and mesh for a fun tinsel like background. Also used foil to emboss fun patterns and used ink/paint on them.

Painted Popsicle sticks used as a whole with stamped title/journaling and cut in half as embellishments. Painted to match page about love of Popsicles or summer fun!

Coke Can (I am going to do this one!) I am addicted to COKE ZERO so will clean, cut flat and adhere to page for background and use the tab to thread ribbon or as a zipper holder thing (yep that is the technical term LOL)

Bubble Painting Cardstock Mix 1/4 part dish soap with 3/4 part water in a cup add a few drops of food coloring or ink. Blow into mixture with straw to make a huge bubble mound, then lightly press cardstock against the bubbles to make a soft background

I am only half way through this chapter but there is TONS more LOL!


  1. these are fantastic tips! i have been itching to try the bubble painting for awhile and haven't got around to it yet. maybe i will in the next week or so. thanks for the love on my blog! you are such a sweetie! and on the flowers, just make them your own! sometimes i hand cut the circles and sometimes i use my cricut - depends on the look i want. but for me, i always love the distressed,kind of grungy look with the pretty center. i just love the contrast! can't wait to see your flowers! they are soooo easy to make! hugs!


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