01 July 2011

We love you Mommy-gift for a friend

Happy July 1st! WOW! I cannot believe that we are in JULY and that I turned 30 yesterday! Where has the year, the time gone? WOW! OK enough waxing about that, time to get to what I made for my BFF here. She is being induced tomorrow with her third little girl, however her birthday was this past Sunday. DH and I watched the two girls while her and her hubby went and had a date night the Saturday before. I (being the great but sneaky friend I am) tackled getting the girls hand prints that night, with LOTS of help from DH! Here is what I made her. I framed it up nice in a black 12X12 frame and I hope she loved it. The little heart on top between the twine is to represent CG the third little one that is coming tomorrow!!!!

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