02 June 2010

10 Random things about me in 2010

Hello out there! Thank you for bearing with me while we were on vacation. We have another one coming up in three weeks WOW! This summer is going to fly by with all the traveling we are doing. I whipped this simple layout up with a kit that I got last month (had to skip this month since I had other things I want for my birthday at the end of the month YAY) but I will get it again soon. I love that kits are so coordinated and helpful when I have 30 minutes to sit and do something I don't want to think about it all so kits work for me in that instance. I tried to be random and if you know me that is difficult as I like order and control in things. Did I get randomish? (Yes I know that is not a word LOL) Hope you like it. And no matter how hard I try I cannot write in straight lines without lines LOL!


  1. Great layout - love the colors!

  2. Great layout...would have never known it was a kit!


  3. Wonderful LO! I just love that kit too :)

  4. what a beautiful LO Crystal!!! great job!

  5. I love this layout and don't think you went too random at all! I, being a Kentucky girl, especially love your photo in Kentucky!
    Kim xXx

  6. Great job. I love kits, but the creative in me will never let me follow it to the letter, I don't think you did either. :0) Miss "randomish" under control. ha ha ha.

    My sister sent me this cool pen that lets you draw lines on your layouts so you can write straight and then the lines disappear (disappearing ink) how cool is that? It lasts a full day so you have time to do the writing, then it g o e s . . . a w a y.....

    Ha, goofy today. Have a great day miss talented!

  7. I'm with you .. sometimes it's nice to have someone else put the kit together so when you are ready to scrap, you don't have to spend hours putting together all the papers and embellies you need!! I love that you did a page about yourself!! Great LO!!
    Barb :)

  8. I adore this layout and am trying to get back into the All About me book for my boys! This will be so neat to look back on 10 years from now.



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