20 June 2010

Florida Fun

Lion Country Safari

Caitlyn is so totally enjoying all her time with MawMaw and PawPaw. The first major thing she did was jump in the pool of course and I mean LITERALLY jumped in the pool. She is fearless and scares me! She has a blast though LOL!

So today we went to Lion Country Safari, it was a BLAST! We did about a 1.5 hour drive through the various lands with all kinds of animals to include rhinos, monkeys, giraffes (C's favorite) and more. Then we ate lunch, got monsoon ed on and C took a nap on my chest. Then we did a walking tour where we spent LOTS of time at the monkeys, flamingos, birds, and giraffes. Caitlyn FED a giraffe crackers and a stick! She got slimed and LOVED it! I was so surprised. We tried to go to the water park to no avail, she wanted nothing to do with it, which is strange for her. We rode three rides, the carousel, the Ferris wheel and a flying dumbo ride. She loved them all. Then we had ice cream (she shared with Mommy) and home for relaxing and dinner. B.B is now here and C is super happy. She loves loves loves her "woof woof". She kept staring at Elisa (the dog)'s food so much that we had to put it in the sink. She wants Elisa to constantly do things all the time and is fearless around her unless Elisa is running towards her. She loves to fed her, wants to give her ALL her food and wants her to run everywhere with her. She is obsessed.


  1. Crystal... It looks like you are having a fabulous time!! Love all the fun photos!!
    Barb :)

  2. Those pictures look great, looks lots of fun.


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