31 May 2010

Toby Keith Concert

WOW! That word does not even BEGIN to cover it. I have been trying to see him in concert for over five years now! I missed him by a WEEK when I was in Iraq, he was leaving as I was going in, then by a month from returning to the states, then the third time I was 7 months pregnant and on bed rest so I missed him then too! BUT I GOT TO SEE HIM this past Saturday! My WONDERFUL Mommy bought us tickets to the Fort Knox Memorial Day Concert. He is such an AWESOME military supporter and he put on a fantastic emotional concert! It was amazing! Here are a few pictures! We were pretty close. The first four rows were for the families of the Fallen Soldiers and Wounded Warriors which I thought was so generous and befitting! We were about ten rows back from that, I could see him from where I was sitting and take pictures with my zoom so that is pretty good. Enjoy the pictures and if you ever get the chance GO SEE HIM it is well worth the money!

Mom and Me before going in. I made the shirt I am wearing for her (The American Pride one)
This was the first opening act, the Charter's Chord I think? Not sure!
I love my Mommy!
Second opening act, Katharine McPhee, she was awesome!

Sexy pose!
Mrs. Kathy, Mom and Me after the streamers came from the sky! Thank you Mrs. Kathy for fighting to get us awesome seats!
"How do you like me now?"

Fourth of July! I love love love the guitar! He only used this for American Soldier. I loved it! I took 457 pictures but only 290something came out. These are some of my favorites. I really wish I would have gotten one where he was saluting the crowd but I did not. He also sang two or three songs that don't play on radio and that was super cool. I had a blast. Thank you Mommy for the tickets and Thank you Danny and Dad for watching Caitlyn so that I could go and have a blast!


  1. I'm so excited for you! It looks like a great concert. You got some incredible photos and your Mom is beautiful, you look like her!
    Kim xXx

  2. Crystal.. good for you!! With all of the attempts you certainly deserved to attend that concert!! And with your mom... looks like you had so much fun!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with all of us!!
    Barb :)

  3. That's awesome!! I love Toby, I got to see him a few years ago when he came to our town!! And it was an awesome concert!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!

  4. Awesome experience! I'm glad to see that Katherine McPhee's hair is back to normal and not blond anymore! It looks like you had a fantastic time! Hooray for Mom's!


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