31 January 2010

A sweet blog award from KIM!

First I want to thank Kim for her sweetness. Her comments on my creations, great and small are so pleasing and happy to read whenever she leaves them. Thank you sweetie! I really appreciate that and I LOVE your work!!!!

Here's the rules for this one. Accept the award from the Sweet Friend (s) that sent it to you, thank her in your post and pass it on to bloggers whose creativity knock your socks off. Then reveal 10 things about yourself.

So the three other bloggers that I want to send this to are:
1. Lynne
2. Melissa
3. Shirley

So for 10 things about me, hmmmm
1. I live on Coke Zero (seriously if I do not have it I am grouchy!)
2. I have been seriously scrapping for almost three years, but always did this in some form in high school and before hand I have a few of the "books" that I did way back when.
3. I am a younger scrapper, only 28.
4. I have a teaching degree, and have wanted to teach since I was in fifth grade.
5. I served four years in the Army Officer Corps and did a deployment to Iraq.
6. I run the Cricut Card Fairies and LOVE IT! I also started the CFS and am so happy that is still going.
7. My best friend is my hubby, he is my better half and I love him dearly.
8. My daughters laugh is my happiness.
9. White chocolate is the best thing ever invented YUMMY!
10. I love to stay in my warm PJs all weekend and relax with my family, that to me is a PERFECT weekend (just like this one!)

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