02 January 2010

Ribbon storage

This is how I store my ribbon that is thin enough. I use the doll pins from Michael's (30 pack for 3.99 but I am cheap and use a coupon!) Then I just wrap them on them, tape the ends or pin whichever I have handy and place on this handmade spinning organizer. The doll pins have slits in the middle and are flat ended so they slide right on the organizer. I organize it by most prominent color. It has 12 sides and I have lots of room to grow! It sits on the top shelf in my craft room and I just spin and remove what I need. Easy Peasy. Hubby made it for me! What do you think?


  1. Yes dollie, that is a KY state fair shirt. My Ashlea danced in a Jamfest comp in Aug., won first place in their division. Are you a KY girl?

    This is a fab idea for storing ribbon! Love how it spins and the whole concept of it all! Does it take up much room?
    Kim xXx

  2. Um I think it's AWESOME! Seriously that is so cool - your hubby rocks!

  3. WOW!!! I love that idea. I am going to try and duplicate it some how. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Hi, I found you through Practical Scrappers in which I just became a new member. I LOVE this ribbon organizer. I currently have mine wrapped around 'cards' and stored in a basket. Wonderful idea!

  5. Hi Lori! I love Practical Scrappers thanks for the nice comment on what my hubby made me!


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