14 January 2010

Bling baby Bling!

What girl does not love some sort of bling? Don't most of us! I know I do and my DD does too! I made two projects for Practical Scrappers this week and we blinged it up! Please make sure to stop by and leave my DT sisters some love! Oh and guess what!?!?!? We are looking for some designers so check it out at PRACTICAL SCRAPPERS! Tons of talent and super sweet ladies!

Enough chit chat, the first project I did I hated. It is the layout and story behind this amazing duck that my DD received from a complete stranger while in Kohl's this past summer. Talk about super sweet restore your faith in mankind moment! I needed and wanted to get it down on paper, but this is NOT what I had in mind LOL! OH well it is done and the memory is kept.

The second project I LOVE! I want to keep for myself but alas my last name is not that LOL! I will be making my family one of these very similar so no worries. I hope you can spot my BLING! I hope it does not blind you! COME BLING IT UP WITH US AT PRACTICAL SCRAPPERS!!!

OK in case you cant find them on the first project I used lots of stars to symbolize how bright I was looking at the world after the random act of kindness we were a part of. In the second project I used rhinestones in the corners and it is hard to tell but all the EST 1965 and swirls are Stickled to within an inch of their lives! LOL!


  1. Hi Crystal! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I think both of your bling creations are great! Love the stars and the stickles (that must have taken some time!). Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. i think the layout is darling, crystal! so cute and what a sweet moment to capture too! love random acts of kindness...they are so uplifting! and that frame is fantastic! what a great idea! gonna have to do one myself! hugs!

  3. Love your layout. I am all over these fun Bingo type cards. Love the starys you used for the bling. Your baby is a doll! your framed project is stunning!
    Love the new bloggy look :)
    Kim xXx


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