23 February 2012

Purge and a little reorganization

Since we moved in back in Sept/October my scrapbook albums have been residing on the floor in a big stack. This was good for C to get them out and look at them whenever she wanted (she loves doing this!) but not so great for eye appeal or safety (what if there was a flood (knock on wood)??? So I decided to purge my Expedit (and then my armoire) that holds all my items to alter (IE notebooks, containers, tins, wooden boxes, letters etc). The second picture is my purge pile WOOHOOO! I was also able to get all my albums up in shelves! I need to label and put them in chronological order but they are up and safe! I also need to take the last three post bounds and get those layouts in the proper 3 ring. Yes I know they don't color coordinate, I was not thinking that far ahead! I am pretty happy with how it looks now and that they are safe. In doing this I also realized I don't have as many books as I previously thought. I was guessing 25 plus but after I put the post bound in 3 ring I am down to 14 filled (or will be) 3 ring albums plus Project Life and the current one I am working on (not pictured) so a total of 16. Not too horribly bad!

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