22 February 2012

Happy Mail-It's HERE!

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So over the weekend I sold one of my Cricut Expression and using that money and some Amazon.com gift cards I was able to get what came in the mail yesterday for 63.21 out of pocket!! It was a bit of an impulsive buy as I feel like I have outgrown (and gotten a little tired of) my Cricut. Don't worry I still have one Cricut Expression, all my carts and my Gypsy (for now). Look how happy C was playing in the monstrous box that the item came in!!!! This box has brought many smiles as it serves as a hiding place, a trap, a house, a bed and more in the last 24 hours!

So what came in this HUMONGOUS box?!?! That is right my new SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!!!Here she is in her box, she is super light, was easy as pie to set up and now I just need to find time to play! I see lots of you tube watching in my future! I will of course be back to share how I like it once I sit down to play!

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  1. Congrats!!! I've been wanting one so bad but my cricut barely gets used as is :( I can't wait to hear what you think!


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