01 October 2011

Ladybug Cutie and a recommendation

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not all that into Halloween. Now my Dad on the other hand LIVES for it! We were always the house full of scary/gory decorations and Dad loves thinking of different ways to scare the older kiddos. He sets up graveyards and everything. Anyway, this was C's costume last year. I just loved it. We had it bought as soon as Halloween came out in the stores and she insisted on carrying her Minnie Mouse purse with it, at least they color coordinated! This layout sketch is from Let's Scrap. I did not follow it exactly since I only had four pictures but I think you can tell where the inspiration came from. As you know I don't have many of my supplies with me so I had to resort to clip art from the Internet for the lady bug. Added some white dots, faux stitching and there you go.

Now I am a self expressed lover of Signo White Gel pens, but my LSS raised the price again right before we left to almost four bucks a pop. Well while in Target I happened to see these white pens hanging on an end cap and the price was right to try TWO for 2.99! (this is a picture of the single one, the one I purchased was a double pack) I have to say I LIKE THEM! I used them on this layout and they write just as smoothly as the Signos and I did not have any of the skipping like I have had with other brands. So there is my enabler alert for the week!

As you know we built a home, well as you are reading this we are IN IT! We closed yesterday (if all went well) and spent the FIRST night in our new house. Today is delivery of appliances, getting flooring picked up, and FIOS installed. I hope to be back to blogging in a week! Wish us luck!

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