26 September 2011

Kinderfarm Harvest Days

We love fall! Seriously it is the best time of year for us, we do so many more activities in the fall. I love the colors the Earth is during this time and the weather is just perfect for my tastes. I try to pack something into every weekend (sometimes three things!). Last year we started a new tradition for our little family and that was attending the free Kinderfarm Harvest Days activities. It is one day of pure free (mostly) fun out in a beautiful park. C loves the park on normal days so add in face painting, petting zoos, pumpkins, rides, crafts, and games and she is in heaven overload. Here is my first layout about this new family tradition. It is almost my second assignment for Allison Davis' Sketch Support class this week. I tried, really I did, to go off the exact sketch but it is not exactly like the one she gave us to work with. Oops, I am think I am stuck using them as suggestion instead of direction which makes sense if you know me since I am not so great at taking orders :).

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