13 September 2011

I love Fall swap

Dee-Ann if you are reading this STOP! You probably do NOT have your goodies yet and I don't want to ruin the homemade portion!

OK here you go ladies and gents. I LOVE fall like most people LOVE Christmas time! It is what most of my supplies are made of these days. We do SO much in the Fall usually so I do use most of it! Here are the things I made for the I Love Fall/Halloween swap I hosted on the Cricut Messageboard. We were to make five thing and buy five things. I hope Dee Ann loves what I made her as I had a great time (after a minor freak out after I forgot flowers and buttons!) making these for her. Thank you Jamie for sending me a few flowers and buttons, they SAVED me you ROCK!
all "five" things

Five journal spots that I made
The tin I altered and additional stamped journal spots
Huge altered "D", not sure how to remove the date since I am using Moms camera so please excuse that.

Two bookmarks, exact same design on reverse.
a tiny notebook to carry in her purse to keep track of swaps etc
Altered clipboard for fall, she can use it for lists or pictures etc

So what do you think? Good? Bad? Too much? Too little?


  1. I love all the fabulous projects! I've got to do more altered stuff! Very inspiring!

  2. Those girls that are in swaps with you are very lucky!! Love the journaling spots especially!

  3. Wow, you were busy! All your journaling spots are beautiful - one can never have too many journaling spots!

  4. Beautiful - she's got to love them!

  5. Fun, cute and useful project. I think you did great.

  6. Crystal, I missed seeing these earlier so the surprise wasn't ruined. BTW, I love it all. Thanks again for being a wonderful partner and host!


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