08 May 2011

My heart is full!

Happy mother's day everyone. To every woman that has at some point loved a child, or filled a void HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I hope your day is fantastic.

I am so lucky. My heart is so full. My wonderful hubby and daughter have spoiled me all weekend. Yesterday I got to scrap most of the day with only a few interruptions. Today DH made me breakfast, I got a nap (and may get another one!) and my gifts just made me so happy. I don't need material things, he knows that. He knows that the ones they make for me are the ones that will guarantee tears. He got tears!

While I was away last weekend working a consignment sale, they set up a photo shoot and got the most gorgeous shot of my little girl. She looks SO GROWN UP! He framed it and wrapped it up. The card is a sunflower with DD's thumbprints as the center and inside it basically says that I am doing a wonderful job sowing the seeds of success and love in our daughter! Then the hand prints. OH my! I love them, I hope he does them every year I want to hang them all up in a huge frame for each year just to document how she has grown. I did something similar for him for his first Fathers Day and we compared them and I just started bawling. BUT the BEST GIFT is this morning the first thing Caitlyn said to me was "Good morning Mommy! Happy Mommy Day! I love you!" THAT was all I needed! I love my daughter and my hubby, even when they frustrate me. I hope your day is as fantastic as mine!

hahhaa like my Mickey Mouse jammies I stole from hubby! I love them!


  1. Those are the most precious gifts. I miss those years when my girls used to bring home the special things they made for me at school. And my mom has my hand prints from second grade and the poem I wrote still hanging in her dining room and I am 38 :)

  2. That is super sweet!! You have a very sweet husband to do that for you!


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