07 July 2010

10 Things I want right now

I saw this on another blog Dawns Craft Place and liked it so I thought I would post over here and get your ideas too. I love lists so this is right up my alley. They can be material things, or not it is all up to you. Here we go.

10 things I want RIGHT NOW:
1. This insane heat wave to break, and some RAIN!
2. My family and friends to be happy, healthy, loved, secure, and appreciated now and forever.
3. To own our own house again, Maryland is EXPENSIVE in housing costs.
4. I want to be 30-50 lbs lighter, and am working on it starting today.
5. I would like someone to teach me to sew, knit, and crochet.
6. I would love for my parents to live closer so I had some support and they could see their only grandchild more (Skype is just not real enough).
7. I would love a new netbook/laptop/cricut expression as backups
8. There are a few Cricut Lite Carts I would love.
9. I want this war over and ALL of our service men and women HOME!
10. I want a hug from my Mom, Dad and Brother, I miss them a lot today.

So what would you like RIGHT NOW? Is it obtainable? I can't wait to see your lists!

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  1. Oh, I really enjoyed your list! I'm going to post it in a little bit on my blog...
    I'm sending some cyber love your way!
    Kim xXx


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