16 September 2009

The start of my newly redone space!

The second day we were here, Jon drove me out to the next town to get some counters that we found on Craigslist. They were 8 feet long EACH and fairly new for 25.00! So after some off roading and wrong turns we scored the counters and brought them home to the garage. Now we were on the hunt for cabinets. Our budget was pretty limited and we were not having luck in the clearance at Home Depot, Lowes or on Craigslist (we had been looking for awhile before we moved also). We also did NOT want to mount them to the walls since this is only a rental. So we figured out that we could get jetmax aka Simply Built storage from Michaels and stack them two high and it would be the perfect height for me. So that is what we did over the weekend, we went to Michaels, bought six of the jetmax (three 3 drawer ones, and three 4 drawer ones) and Jon put them all together on Sunday night. Monday was a rough day for us so we didn't get things together. We did it last night though! HOWEVER we have some more work to do since the lip of the counters prevents me from using the two two drawers of the four drawer ones that are on top. I also think I need two more to support in the middle of the longer piece. The space measures 81 inches by 92 inches WOOOOHOOO! I am so excited! It is NOT done yet, but what do you think so far????

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