16 September 2009

My new Crafting Space!

My dear loving and amazing husband set this all up for me, he fixed the counters, drilled some holes for cords. I organized, labeled and set up the various "stations". I also reorganized the shelves. I am ready to craft LOL! The only thing I need is a cup holder to fasten the side and a new chair but I can wait! I am so excited! From left to right, I have my cricut and cuttlebug station (close to the laptop) in case I learn Design Studio (Hahah!). Then in the middle is my work area with my WONDERFUL Sweet Nothings spinner organizer (THANK YOU BDAY GIRLS!). Then there is the cutting station and the card making/brainstorming area. I have my paper holder to the far right and then in the cabinet are the alter ables and more. Hope you like it!

Overall Space
Cricut and Cuttlebug Section

Creating Section
Cutting, Card Making, and Brainstorming Section
How I labeled everything
How I store my mats and carts


  1. Awesome. Ive been seeing the counter top along the way thing a lot. Just might have to steal it! Can't wait to hang on Saturday

  2. Excellent! Love the blue and white!

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  3. Crystal, Very nice. It looks like you still have plenty of room. And you are so organized !!! Lucky you !!

  4. Thank you ladies. I have to stay organized and the house has to be somewhat clean and clutterfree before I can create, guess I still have some new mommy guilt there LOL!

  5. Oh my gosh! Crystal, your room looks amazing. I know it's only been a couple of days, but already it looks like home! I'm ready to come scrap with you in yoru new space! Ü I love it. You and Jon did an amazing job setting it all up so quickly!

  6. Nice space! I'm sorry I'm so late at getting around to visiting your blog. I didn't realize you had a blog that wasn't by invitation only, until today! I will be visiting frequently! *hugs*

  7. Hi Crystal, great space! Looking forward to seeing all your creations...get to it!! :-)



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