22 October 2012

Purged my paper OH MY!

So yesterday the agenda said to sort/organize/label/purge the toy/play room; well I did not have the correct containers to do that so I decided to purge my paper instead. This is what I am packing up and selling! GOOD GRIEF! And the bad thing is I still have tons left ::blushes::!


  1. Oh that's interesting, it looks like you buy lots of paper pads, is that right? I rarely buy paper like that these days. But still, showing my stash would cause me to blush as well.

  2. Good for you for doing a purge ... shame I live so far away, I'm sure your rubbish would be my treasure LOL

  3. Purge paper? How absurd that sound to me. After all, my motto is "she who dies with the most paper wins!"

  4. not had a craft shop in years, so I've less than that left in my paper stash although what I do have is out of fashion or the bits I didn't like much.
    All the best with your sortout


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