11 January 2011

Tech Geek

C loves to talk on our phones will beg but as soon as you hand them over SILENCE! She will jabber away trying to get your attention but as soon as you hand it over there is NO getting her to talk. She has been this way since she was little. She loves gadgets, technology and buttons so grabbing my old and new phones to "talk" and play is a favorite past time of hers!


  1. That is too funny! And a great way to get her to be quiet when you need to get something done!! I know everytime I ever try talking to another adult or on the phone my kids always got really loud! I would have loved to have had a trick like this!! Adorable LO!!
    barb :)

  2. I'm sure she will be much more tech savvy than us! Adorable layout. Great title.

  3. Crystal, this is too cute!! My little GS is the same way... Hugs!!!


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